The Heliwood Library


Library of the collected works of Nabuca are written under the pen name Joey Maxwell. All works are intellectual property of Joey Maxwell/E. Neville, and have been recorded and dated elsewhere. These stories are anything from fan-based to original works, and stand to serve as an online webfolio of sample writings and for personal archival purposes. Also, be it known that I write solely for myself and no one else, which basically means I really don't care if you come here and read or not, I'll still be writing, but that doesn't mean that comments and critiques aren't welcome just the same. Redistribution of original works is prohibited, redistribution of fan-related works is only by permission of the author.

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Note: Newly added works will be marked with an asterisk (*).

Outside Archives:

Original Writings

We of the Underworld-A narrative on the world of civilized man from the POV of rats.

Summer Storm-Previously untitled, this one is a small story about a young genko (black kitsune) and his older brother sharing a reflective moment together after a summer storm.

*The Dark Design-The story of an orphaned elven boy who lives in the forest and makes a very unexpected friendship. The first in a series of short stories.


The Eternal Sky-Gundam Wing. A reflective piece from Duo Maxwell's point of view about Heero Yuy and his feelings for him. Shounen ai content.

Never Alone-Gundam Wing. Duo Maxwell reflecting on his old friend and street-brother, Solo. From Duo's point of view. Angsty.

Street Angel-Gundam Wing. Solo reflects on his life. Solo's point of view. Angst.

*Untitled-Fullmetal Alchemist. My take on a certain childhood event in the life of the Elric brothers and their close friend Winry. From Al's point of view.

*Nigredo-Fullmetal Alchemist. Caught somewhere between life and death, shortly after his transmutation goes wrong, Ed has a strangely symbolic and prophetic dream.