Links, rings and things

Links, Webrings and Things

This section will be growing, and will by no means be complete. Check back here often for link updates and other such crap. If you are interested in doing a link-exchange, I'm always open. Just shoot off an email to

Links of friends, family, etc:

Samantha Howe Online - The personal website of my best friend of thirteen years, Sam. - The domain of two awesome people in my life living in Kentucky. Hopefully they'll add onto it in the future. - This page is the personal domain of a real good buddy and friend of mine from when I lived in Albany, New York.

Ginkgo Leaf Gifts - This site is the online shop of another good buddy of mine from New York. He has some AWESOME artistic skills, so commission him! I have.

Fan-related links, etc.:

More to come in this section.