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Basic site info-crap. How to contact me, how this thing was carelessly slapped together constructed, all that good stuff. This page will constantly be updated as needed so check back here often for new things. Any questions, comments, complaints or death-threats should be directed to

Credits: This site was constructed using a combination of MS notepad and the crappy web-editor that GeoCities offers. I'm not as computer-savvy as I'd lead one to think. The various graphics for this page where yanked from a vast assortment of other places, most of which are screencaps from the anime Now and Then, Here and There, or in Japan known as Ima, Soku Ni Iru Boku A bit cumbersome, yes.

Contact Info - How to contact me if you are really that bored with your life.

Links, Webrings and things - Self-explanatory.

Legal Crap: Now and Then, Here and There is (C) Central Park Media, I claim no ownership whatsoever so please don't sue me. Any stories, fiction, essays, or other such crap is intellectual property of ME, unless otherwise noted.